Understanding how women think.

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The challenge
Psychologies is the UK’s first magazine aimed at busy, multi-faceted women with an interest in their inner wellbeing. It appeals to women’s curious side, focusing more on how they think and feel, rather than how they look.

At 35+, these women are looking for an alternative to typical women’s glossies and we need to let them know Psychologies is it.

The solution
Because Psychologies challenges and inspires women to live their life to the full, we created a predominately press and radio based campaign, using double take questions to capture the tone of the magazine and to tempt them to find out more.

Radio allowed us to develop these thoughts into how women think, further, directing them to find the answers in the magazine.

The campaign also ran in gyms as 6-sheets, locker posters and shower stickers. Using Psychologies signature purple and using a light chatty tone, we created a unique tone of voice to help the magazine stand out in an already extremely crowded market.

The results
Psychologies is now the second fastest growing women’s magazine (Campaign, 22 Feb 2008)