Creating a buzz at Christmas.

The challenge
To create a scalable creative concept to support Vodafone’s Christmas campaign within their retail space over the gifting period that utilises their brand assets and imagery.

The copy
Sticking to Vodafone’s helpful, clear, energetic and consistent tone of voice with all messages coming back to ‘power to you’, we developed playful headlines that not only worked well with the creative but also created strong call to actions.

The solution
In this ridiculously busy and crowded time of year, we developed a creative campaign that worked across all touchpoints within the retail space – window posters, digital animation and in-store POS.

But the most exciting part was a bespoke flagship window display with 3D builds and animation that seemed to interact with the shoppers walking past outside, so it looked like the Vodafone bees were picking a virtual snowball fight with them. As the snowball hit the window a promotional offer was revealed. Another bee would then join in until all three promo messages had been displayed.