Bringing news to life.

The challenge
The launch of 250,000 extra Metros being distributed throughout the UK was breaking news for Metro’s trade audience. Our challenge was to communicate this to them in the most engaging way using Metro’s unique, quirky and urban tone.

The solution
The solution was the creation of the Metro 250K. Not only did it allow us to big up the launch and get in all the relevant information in a fun and humorous way, but it also gave Metro’s audience the chance to win some cool prizes.

A week before the launch date, Metro 250K nipple protectors were posted out to build up the excitement of the forthcoming week. On launch day we had water stations set
up in the top 20 agencies, with Metro staff in branded t-shirts, handing out Metro 250K branded water bottles, sweatbands and leaflets. Sweatbands and leaflets were also mailed.

The leaflets had all the information Metro wanted to get across, as well as map showing the ‘route’ of all the new and existing UK distribution locations and an entry form into the Metro 250K competition. Participants could enter by returning the freepost form or via the Metro 250K microsite.

The results
It was very well received and had the highest entry to a trade competition run by Metro.