Christmas campaign and ISP award winner.

The challenge
To create a campaign with the core Coke Christmas proposition of the ‘gift’ of giving happiness and to increase consumption over the festive period. We needed to engage mums and teens alike through an eight-week programme, giving them the chance to redeem and win ‘must have’ items.

The solution
Using the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas lorries, we developed interactive website content and engaging copy designed to reach the notoriously hard to impress ‘youth’ market and prompted them to engage with Coke Zone – and kept them coming back for more.

The results
Overall 2009 results: Over 1.3 million members, 34% over target – an increase of over 900,000 members year on year. Teen registrations now over 283,000, 41% over target Pin entry exceeded 10.8 million, 42% over target and a four-fold increase year on year. Over 10 million codes entered to date. Over 3 million prize draw entries and 729,000 rewards redeemed.

Coke Zone scooped two ISP Gold awards in May 2010: Best Digital Promotion (multi-platform) and best Long Term Relationship Marketing.